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About Olivia

Olivia Dydyna is the visionary founder of Be Sexessful. With an unquenchable curiosity about the human experience and an unabashed openness about sexuality, Olivia helps her clients explore and embrace their sensuality in a way that feels both organic and profound.

Her approach to healing and spiritual growth is infused with playfulness and grounded in techniques such as energy embodiment, inner child work, and sacred sexuality. Drawing from her extensive background in sex, love, and relationship coaching, rooted in the transformative VITA method, Olivia guides both men and women towards experiencing deeper connections—with themselves, their partners, and the world at large.

Olivia is not just a coach; she's a walking testament to the power of self-discovery and self-love. In Chapter 5 of her book, "In Tune and Turned On: A Girl's Search For Orgasm", she shares her personal journey of seeking love externally, only to realize that she had been blocking her own ability to fully experience life's magic by suppressing her emotions.

If you're ready to be turned on by life, connect with Olivia. With her compassionate guidance, you can embark on your own journey of self-discovery, learning to love and trust yourself, and unlocking the sexual power within you.

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International Best Seller

Chapter 5 "In Tune and Turned On: A Girl's Search For Orgasm

Olivia shares her story of constantly seeking love outside herself. She learns that blocking her emotions ultimately blocked her ability to experience the magic of life. By unearthing and facing the not-so-fun emotions, she begins to trust herself and body unconditionally. Through this trust, she explores different healing modalities and uncovers that SHE is the source of her turn on, nothing and no-one else. In this chapter you will learn how to navigate your emotions and use them to fully experience your sexual power.

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