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Welcome to a space where intimacy becomes a conscious art, and every connection is an opportunity for transformation.

Conscious intimacy awakens you to love that is felt beyond time and space. As your sex and intimacy guide, I will show you how to create and hold space for yourself so that all versions of you come can come alive.


In our work together you will ...

  • Reclaim your sexual power and feel confident in your body

  • Release blocks keeping you from deeper intimacy with your self and/or your partner

  • Learn to receive love in all forms

  • Feel more pleasure in and outside the bedroom

  • Learn about your sexual energy and how to use it consciously 

  • Be safely guided to explore your subconscious patterns and beliefs while receiving new insights about yourself

  • Gently transmute emotions to sexessfully BE in the sex, love and relationships you desire

Learn more about my solo and partnered offerings:



Client Love

Vanessa shares her experience working with me as her Sex, Love and Relationship Coach.

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