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MindSet Podcast Interview with Dr. Rabbani

What was the root of my overthinking?

Being afraid to feel.

As a child the little traumas we experience impact our behavior.

And when I mean trauma it can be something as simple as being left home alone for too long at the age of 7.

I was afraid of being alone not knowing when my Mom would come home. Without the proper narrative and re-assurance I created coping mechanisms.

To cope with these feelings of being unsafe and alone I began distract myself through thoughts so I could escape the fear I was feeling in my body.

Tantra gave me the tools to release what was subconsciously affecting my daily life.

In the final episode of season 1, Jonathan and I sit down to discuss my journey of finding purpose through spirituality, leaving the corporate world and living my passion, my experience with plant medicine and empowering others seeking better relationships through spirituality and the VITA method.

Check out the episode here:

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